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AcroYoga Practice Group
Acroyoga requires strength, balance, flexibility, communication, trust, practice, practice and even more practice! The Yoga element of AcroYoga reflects not only the physical but the mental and spiritual disciplines of traditional Yoga. The 'Acro' element of Acroyoga incorporates gymnastic techniques to improve strength, flexibility, trust and teamwork.

There are three roles in an AcroYoga practice; The 'Base' - the person who has the most contact with the floor for maximum stability and support of the 'Flyer'. The 'Flyer' - the person who is supported by the Base. The Flyer moves through a variety of dynamic postures requiring balance, confidence and core strength. The 'Spotter' - this is the individual or individuals who ensure the Flyer lands safely in case of any slips. The spotter can often see more clearly where the Base and Flyer can improve their form which in turn can help with their own posture when they become the Flyer or Base.

This fun practice group will inspire you, increase confidence, strength and energy levels. You will be encouraged to listen to your body throughout and take breaks anytime you feel like it. You are welcome to bring a friend but you don't need a partner as you'll partner different people.

To attend this group you must have an established Yoga or AcroYoga practice.
Contact Jules on 07446 968994 or

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