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​Pilates Fusion
These classes are built on a foundation of traditional Pilates, bringing strength, flexibility and balance to the whole body. Particular attention is given to the core, getting the spine moving in all directions and building stability. This is what makes the exercises so beneficial both in preventing back issues and in helping those with back pain to find their way back to full health and freedom of movement.

Rather than sticking religiously to Joseph Pilates' original repertoire, we explore a variety of exercises, occasionally borrowing from yoga, physiotherapy, and other systems of movement. Modifications are offered for many of the exercises to make the classes accessible to everyone, but with plenty to challenge those looking to work a little harder, often using equipment like resistance bands and small pilates balls to make the exercises more targeted and effective. The emphasis is always on keeping things relaxed and fun, simply getting people moving, whatever their current level of ability.

Call Richard to book 07968 444730 or email for further information

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